More on the case for ... and against ... Pluto

The Case for Pluto includes a selected biography of 70 other works as well as more than 200 notes, many of them referring to journal papers about Pluto and planetary science. As the book's October publication date approaches, this Web page will provide online links to many of those references as well as further readings. For now, here is a selection of online resources about Pluto, dwarf planets and the search for new worlds:

  • Cosmic Log on Pluto: Search for items in Alan Boyle's blog where Pluto comes up for discussion

  • Catalog of Exoplanets: The Planetary Society's fun collection of "trading cards" for alien worlds

  • Dawn: Home page for NASA's mission to Ceres, the asteroid that now ranks as the first dwarf planet to be found

  • Dwarf Planet and Plutoid Headquarters: Uruguay-based Web site produced by researchers who worked for Pluto's reclassification

  • Dwarf Planets: Guide to dwarf planets, produced by the world's most prolific dwarf-planet discoverer, Caltech astronomer Mike Brown

  • Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia: The authoritative source for data about planets detected around alien stars

  • The Great Planet Debate: Archive for video and other materials related to "The Great Planet Debate," conducted in August 2008 at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory 

  • IAU video archive for the 2006 General Assembly in Prague, including key discussions on planet definition

  • Laurel's Pluto Blog: Observations from Laurel Kornfeld, one of Pluto's most persistent fans

  • Mike Brown's Planets: Caltech astronomer Mike Brown reflects on the planet debate and much more

  • New Horizons: Home page for NASA's mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

  • Pluto Today: Roundup of Pluto news, brought to you by the SpaceRef online portal

  • Plutonian News Network: Archived news items from the pro-Pluto perspective

  • Wikipedia on Pluto: This article draws together lots of information about Pluto in one place

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