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From Clinton County, Iowa, records:

Ellen Murrihy (Murry) Howe
died Feb. 14, 1876 at age 105 in DeWitt, Iowa
[born 1770 or 1771]
born in Miltown (Clare)
[Miltown Malbay records show she was married to John Howe, Carrowduff, Kilfarboy Parish, County Clare. Their children included Ellen Howe, baptized 29 Dec 1832. Ellen Howe was married to Michael Boyle in Wisconsin in August 1857. Other children of John and Ellen Howe follow below:]

James Howe
born 1810, died 21 Feb 1873

Thomas Howe
born 1816 [June 20, 1816?] or 1819 in Miltown (Clare)
emigrated 1861
railroad worker
died March 20, 1909

Nancy Howe
born about 1818, died about 1910.
Married to Michael Hagerty, born about 1798, died 17 Apr 1883.

Charles Howe
born 1827, died 1882 in DeWitt
Married to Mary Murry Howe, 27 Nov 1866.
Mary Murrihy born 1837 in Miltown (Clare) to Martin Murry and Elizabeth Egan
(Kilmurry-Ibrickan records show Patrick Murrihy married to Elizabeth Egan)
came to Iowa in 1866
died April 11, 1924 (at age of 87 years, two months and 10 days) in DeWitt

  Children born to Charles and Mary in Iowa:
  Thomas, 1865-1925; single.
  Mary, married James Gillooly, with several children.
  Charles Jr., 1874-1874; died in infancy.
  Patrick, 1875 (or 1876) - 1902; single.
  John (of Chicago), ???.
  Elizabeth, 1869 (or 1870) - ???

From International Genealogical Index:

Ellen Howe
father: Thomas Howe
mother: Margaret Cahill
born: 5 June 1864
0382, Craggaknock, Clare, Ireland [Kilmurry-Ibrickan Parish]
Source Batch Number: C701229

also of same parentage: Edmund Howe
born: 19 August 1866
Source Batch Number: C701295

Charles Howe
father: Thomas Howe
mother: Bridget Keane
born: 12 May 1864
Roadford, Clare, Ireland [Killilagh Parish]
Source Batch Number: C701241

Catherine Howe
father: Patrick Howe
mother: Bridget Murphy
born: 9 Feb 1866
0255, Ennis, Clare, Ireland
Source Batch Number: C701289

Anna Elizabeth Howe or Haugh
father: Michael Haugh
mother: Mary Sullivan
born: 20 Sept 1876
Clare, Ireland
Source Batch Number: 7521013-55

From Griffith's Valuation

Charles Howe.
Clare, Kilmaley, Islands, Ennis: Bealcragga
Lessor: Stafford O'Brien. House, office, land. OS32,40
13-2-15, 2-0-9, 24-0-31, 2-0-5

Connor Howe.
Kilmacrehy, Corcomroe, Ennistimon: North Ballycotteen
Lessor: Sir Ed. Fitzgerald. House, office, land.
(with others) 214-2-0

James Howe.
Kilmurry Parish, Ibrickan Barony, Ennistimon Union: Carrowduff
Lessor: Same. House, office, land; 13-3-35

James Howe.
Kilmacrehy, Corcomroe, Ennistimon: Derreen
Lessor: Cornelius O'Brien. House, land. 6-0-32

Johanna Howe.
Kilmurry, Shanavogh West.

Luke Howe.
Clondagad, Cragbrien.

Margaret Howe.
Kilfarboy, Caherogan.

Matthew Howe.
Tomgraney, Town of Scarriff, Moynoe Road.

Patrick Howe.
Kilmacrehy, Corcomroe, Ennistimon: Liscannor, Lower Quay
House only.

Patrick Howe.
Kilfiddane, Derrynalecka

Thomas Howe.
Inagh, Boolinrudda.