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Kilmurry-Ibrickane Parish

About 42 percent of the Boyles listed by the Clare Heritage Center come from Kilmurry-Ibrickane Parish. Thus, the bulk of the listings here relate to this parish, in different time frames. Some of these linkages are tentative, so before republishing, please check with


1817-1821: Forty-shilling freeholders of 1821

John Boyle, Craggane. Landlord: Charles McMahon.

John Boyle, Rhineroe. Landlord: Patrick McMahon.

Patrick Boyle, Craggane. Landlord: John O'Gorman.

Patrick Boyle, Rhineroe. Landlord: William Casey.

Thomas Boyle, Clounlaheen. Landlord: William Casey.


1834: Tithe Applotment Books

Anthony Boyle, Tromroe Castle. 0-0-5, untitheable.

Michael Boyle, Tromroe Castle, 0-15-0.

Pat Boyle, Tromroe, 10-2-4 total.

William Boyle, Doonogan. 0-1-24 titheable, 0-0-5 untitheable. Also listed in 1826 tithe applotment.


1839-1900: Mullagh parish records

Male lines:

Anthony Boyle, m. Ellen Shanahan.

Ellen Boyle, baptized 13 May 1840. Sponsors: Patrick Boyle and Margaret Mungoran of Tromracastle.


Augustine Boyle (of Seafield), m. Mary Dooly (of Ballymackeamore), 18 Oct 1840. Sponsor: Edmund Boyle.

Mary Boyle, baptized 31 Jul 1841.

Eliza Boyle, baptized 29 Oct 1843.

James Boyle, baptized 23 Jan 1846.


Bartholomew Boyle, m. Honora Scalane.

Mary Boyle, baptized 30 May 1839.

Patrick Boyle, baptized 29 Jan 1842. Sponsors: John Griffy and Anne Downes (p. 122) Married Mary Corry, 14 Sep 1865. Mary Corry died May 1903 at age of 55, according to gravestone.

John Boyle, baptized 12 Feb 1868. Chicago Daily News of 17 Mar 1893 reports death of John Boyle on March 16, 1893 at age of 23. Residence: 3745 Lowe Ave., Chicago. Native of Kilmurry-Ibricane. Funeral at Nativity Church to Mount Olivet. (Irish in Chacago database)

Pat Boyle, baptized 17 Mar 1872. Died 17 Jan 1889, according to gravestone.

Austin Corry Boyle, baptized 25 March 1875. Married Catherine (Katie) Boyle (see below). Died 1948.

Beatrice Boyle. Married ----- Connolly.

Patrick Boyle, born 17 Feb 1906 (or 1 Jun 1906?). Died Dec 1960 in Buffalo, N.Y.?

Austin (Autie) Boyle, born 19 Aug 1907. Married Ellen Downes. Died 1980.

Ellen (Nellie) Boyle, born 11 Apr 1911, died 14 Feb 1997 in Bergen, N.J. (SSDI)
a. Married ----- Considine.
b. Married Manooshak Timaxian, born 29 Mar 1880, died September 1973, Flushing, Queens, N.Y. (SSDI)

Mary Boyle.

Margaret Boyle, m. Patrick Egan.

Martin Boyle, born 17 Nov 1916. Died 21 April 1969.

Thomas Boyle.

Catherine (Kathleen) Boyle.

Mary Boyle, baptized 6 Sep 1879.

Tom Boyle, baptized 16 Feb 1884.

Bartholomew (Barkley) Boyle, baptized 10 Nov 1844.
a. Married Margaret Ryan, 29 Jan 1869.

Mary Boyle, baptized 26 Dec 1869.

Norry Boyle, baptized 6 June 1871.

Ellen Boyle, baptized 15 Dec 1872. Married ----- Quinn.

Bob Quinn, chief fire commissioner, Chicago.

Margaret Boyle, baptized 15 Sep 1875.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 16 Feb 1878.

John Boyle, baptized 5 May 1880.

b. Married Margaret Shanahan.

Catherine Boyle, baptized 23 Feb 1884.

Pat Boyle, baptized 15 Mar 1885.

Eliza Boyle, baptized 17 May 1887. Married James Egan, Chicago, 22 Nov 1909.

Lucy Boyle, baptized 23 Mar 1889. Married John Ryan.

Peter Boyle, baptized 17 Jan 1891.

Bartholomew Boyle, baptized 9 Dec 1894.

Ellen Boyle, baptized 16 Apr 1848.

Augustine Boyle, baptized 24 Jun 1850.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 29 Nov 1857.


Bartholomew Boyle (of Tromra), m. Anne Haren (of Tromra Castle), 15 Feb 1841.

Michael Boyle, baptized 23 Nov 1841. Sponsors: Michael Boyle, Bridget Griffy.

Nora Boyle, baptized 11 Jan 1845.


Edmund Boyle, m. Catherine Dillon, 30 Sep 1843. Witnesses: Patrick and Mary Boyle.


Eliza Boyle, husband unrecorded.

Ellen Boyle, baptized 2 Feb 1878.


John Boyle, m. Mary Cooney, 26 Feb 1848.


John Boyle, m. Norry Crehan.

Margaret Boyle, baptized 8 Oct 1853.


John Boyle, m. Ellen McKnight.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 8 Nov 1890.


Martin Boyle (of Tromra East), m. Mary O'Brien (of Kilernan), 3 Mar 1840. Witness: Pat Boyle (of Tromra East).

Patrick Boyle, baptized 21 Feb 1841.

Mary Boyle, baptized 16 Oct 1842.

Mary Boyle, baptized 31 Aug 1844.

John Boyle, baptized 20 Jan 1848.


Martin Boyle, m. Bridget Moloney.

Martin Boyle, baptized 28 Oct 1885.

Mary Boyle, baptized 4 May 1887.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 12 Sep 1888.

James Boyle, baptized 9 Aug 1890.

Michael Boyle, baptized 12 Aug 1891.

Pat Boyle, baptized 19 Sep 1892.

Ellen Boyle, baptized 21 Mar 1894.

John Boyle, baptized 30 Apr 1896.

Tom Boyle, baptized 9 Oct 1898.

Joe Boyle, baptized 10 Aug 1900.


Martin Boyle, m. Bridget Clohessy.

John Boyle, baptized 9 Jan 1887.


Michael Boyle, m. Anne Downes.

Tom Boyle, baptized 23 Dec 1840. Sponsors: James and Ellen Boyle (Tromracastle).

Bridget Boyle, baptized 13 Nov 1843.

Anne Boyle, baptized 3 Jan 1846.


Michael Boyle (of Tromra), m. Honora Ahern (of Tromra), 3 Feb 1845.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 16 Nov 1845.


Michael Boyle, m. Mary O'Connor.

John Boyle, baptized 23 Jun 1888.

Tom Boyle, baptized 14 Dec 1889.

Mary Boyle, baptized 1 Jul 1891.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 28 Mar 1894.

Nora Boyle, baptized 26 May 1895.

Patrick Boyle, baptized 30 Dec 1897.


Owen Boyle, m. Ellen Shanahan.

Kate Boyle, baptized 4 Jul 1846.


Pat Boyle, m. Ellen Griffy.

Pat Boyle, baptized 27 Dec 1840.

Eliza Boyle, baptized 6 Oct 1843.

Eliza Boyle, baptized 27 Oct 1845.


Patrick Boyle (of Seafield), m. Mary Casey (of Tromra East), 16 Jan 1842.

Eliza Boyle, baptized 9 May 1843.

Peter Boyle, baptized 24 May 1845.

Lucia Boyle , baptized 20 Feb 1856.

Jane Boyle, baptized 28 Nov 1863.


Patrick Boyle, m. Bridget Haren, 12 Jan 1856.

Michael Boyle, baptized 1 May 1859.

Tom Boyle, baptized 7 Dec 1856 (see Thomas Boyle m. Honora Downes, below?)

John Boyle, baptized 7 May 1862.

Patrick Boyle, baptized 12 May 1867.

Peter Boyle, baptized 20 Oct 1872.


Patrick Boyle, m. Ellen Scalane, 31 Jul 1860.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 8 Sep 1861.


Pat Boyle, m. Mary Healy.

Martin Boyle, baptized 7 Jan 1864.


Pat Boyle, m. Bridget Costelloe.

Mary Boyle, baptized 3 Dec 1864.

Martin Boyle, baptized 25 Aug 1870.


Patrick Boyle, m. Bridget McMahon, 23 Jan 1875. Witness: Martin Boyle.

Mary Boyle, baptized 26 Jan 1876.

Bridget Boyle, baptized 11 Nov 1877.

Catherine (Katie) Boyle, baptized 10 Apr 1880. Married Austin Corry Boyle (see under Bartholomew Boyle, above).

Ellen Boyle, baptized 25 Feb 1882.

Pat Boyle, baptized 11 Mar 1884.

Martin Boyle, baptized 10 May 1888.

Mary Anne (Maureen) Boyle, baptized 31 May 1890.

Joe Boyle (twin), baptized 17 Jun 1891, m. Delia Flanagan, died 28 Sep 1965.

John Joe Boyle.

Bridget Boyle.

Mary Margaret Boyle.

Ellen Boyle.

Nancy Boyle.

Kevin Boyle.

Nora Boyle.

Patrick Boyle (twin), baptized 16 Jun 1891.


Peter Boyle, m. Mary Daly.

Honora Boyle, baptized 4 Jun 1841.

Mary Boyle, baptized 27 Mar 1844.


Tom Boyle, m. Bridget Shanahan, 9 Feb 1869.

Nora Boyle, baptized 14 Aug 1870.

Peter Boyle, baptized 16 Oct 1875.


Tom Boyle, m. Honora Downes

Mary Boyle, baptized 10 Sep 1893.

Jane Boyle, baptized 24 Mar 1895.

John Boyle, baptized 21 Jun 1896.

Pat Boyle, baptized 2 Mar 1898.

Tom Boyle, baptized 15 Dec 1900.

Martin Boyle, born 1902.


Thady Boyle (of Tromra), m. Eliza Malone (of Turreen), 9 Dec 1844.

Eliza Boyle, baptized 9 Oct 1844.

Susanna Boyle, baptized 20 Dec 1846.

Mary Boyle, baptized 2 Jul 1848.


Boyle women in Kilmurry-Ibrickane:

Bridget Boyle (of Seafield), married to John Keleher (of Seafield), 18 Feb 1840. Witnesses: Augustine Boyle, Michael Boyle, Elizabeth Boyle, all of Seafield. Son: James Keleher, baptized 1 Apr 1841. Sponsors: Cornelius and Honora Keleher of Tromera (Tromracastle).

Bridget Boyle (of Mountscot), married to John Devitt . Son: Patrick Devitt, baptized Feb. 18, 1844. (p. 184)

Catharine Boyle (of Knocknafora, later of Mountscot; or Tromra East), married to Michael Sereton (Sexton?), 29 Feb 1840. Son: Patrick Sereton, baptized Jan. 27, 1841. (p. 81) Son: John Sereton, baptized May 11, 1842. (p. 132) Daughter: Mary Sereton, baptized June 11, 1843. (p. 161)

Ellen Boyle (of Ballymckea), married to Patrick Killeen. Daughter: Mary Killeen, baptized April 27, 1841. Sponsor: Margaret Boyle of Ballymckea. (p. 90)

Ellen Boyle (of Seafield), married to John Griffey. Son: Augustine Griffey, baptized Aug. 26, 1843. Sponsors: John and Mary Boyle. (p. 169)

Ellen Boyle (of Tromra East), married to John Sally (sp?). Child: Lynan Sally (sp?), baptized Nov. 10, 1844 (p. 210)

Margaret Boyle of Doonogan. Kilmurry Parish records: Sponsor for Patrick Stack, May 12, 1839. (p. 11)

Margaret Boyle of Kilclehaun. Kilmurry Parish records: Sponsor for Margaret Cleary, Feb. 15, 1840. (p. 43B)

Margaret Boyle (of Tromra/Rineroe), married to Patrick Gleeson (of Tromera/Rineroe), 12 Dec 1840. Daughter: Margaret Gleeson, baptized April 30, 1842. (p. 131)

Mary Boyle (of Tromracastle). Kilmurry Parish records: Sponsor for Margaret Lenane, April 18, 1840. (p. 45A)

Mary Boyle (of Tromracastle). Married to Stephen Gattery. Son: Malachy Gattery, baptized Jan. 8, 1841. Sponsors: Thomas Shanahan, Honora Ahern. (p. 79?)

Mary Boyle (of Seafield). Married to John Molony. Son: Margaret Molony, baptized March 24, 1844. Sponsors for baptism: Patrick and Ellen Boyle. (p. 187)

Mary Boyle (of Doonogan). Kilmurry Parish records: Sponsor for Catharine Mungora, daughter of John and Judith Mungora of Donoghan, baptized July 31, 1841. (p. 100) Also for Honora McNamara, baptized Aug. 14, 1839. (p. 19)

Mary Boyle (of Seafield). Married to John Molony. Son: Patrick Molony, baptized July 1841. Sponsors: John and Mary Mungoran of Seafield. (p. 97)


1847-1855: Griffith's Valuation in Kilmurry-Ibrickane

Bartholomew Boyle of Seafield / Tromra West. Griffith's Valuation: Lessor: Same. House. [Main tenant: William Brew. Lessor: Capt. Francis Casey. House, herd's house, office, land].

Edmund Boyle (Tromracastle). Griffith's Valuation: Lessor: Edmund O'Dwyer. House.

John Boyle (Tromra West). Griffith's Valuation: Lessor: Same [Capt. Francis Casey]. Land: 1-2-12. Also: John Boyle, with Martin Creehan, Patrick Browne, Ellen Griffin, John Moloney. Lessor: Same [Capt. Francis Casey]. Land: 10-2-1.

Martin Boyle of West Quilty. Griffith's Valuation. Lessor: Same. Land: 2-2-35 plus 2-1-17. Ord. S30 and 38. Second listing: Lessor: Same [Michael Casey for all]. House and office. Third listing: Lessor: Same. Land: 4-3-5.

Mary Boyle of West Quilty. Griffith’s Valuation: Lessor: Michael Casey. Land: 4-3-35, Second listing: Lessor: Same. House, office and small garden.

Peter Boyle of Seafield. Griffith's Valuation: Lessor: Same. House.

Thomas Boyle of Moyglass More. Griffith's Valuation. Lessor: Patrick O'Dwyer. House only. Ord. S39.


Other parishes

Drumcliff Parish:

James Boyle of Drumcliff. International Genealogical Index. Born 1805. Married to Amira Hutchison.

Philip or Phillip Boyle of Lifford. Tithe Applotment Books. 1.25 acre. 1825: Page 21 and 22. Also in 1833.

Philip Boyle of Conroad Beg, Town of Ennis, Fahy's Lane. Griffith's Valuation.

Drumcreehy / Drumcrelhy Parish:

Biddy Boyle of Ballyvaghan. International Genealogical Index. Born Dec. 20, 1865 to Terance Boyle and Biddy McGuire. (See Terance Boyle)

Patt Boyle of Cahirloghlin West. Tithe Applotment Books. 7 acres, 3 - 16.

John Boyle of East Muckinish. Griffith's Valuation. Lessor: Same?. House, office, land: 7-1-31.

Terance Boyle of Ballyvaghan. International Genealogical Index. Married to Biddy McGuire, father of Biddy Boyle, born Dec. 20, 1865. (See Biddy Boyle)

Kilfearagh Parish:

Michael Boyle of Dough Town of Kilkee, Kilrush Road. Griffith's Valuation. Probably emigrated to Australia.

Patrick Boyle of Dough Town of Kilkee, Albert Road.

Kilfiddane Parish:

Thomas Boyle of Shannakea More. Griffith's Valuation.

Killilagh Parish:

Batt Boyle & Co. of Loughe. Tithe Applotment Books. 27-1-0, 11s7d tithe.

John Boyle, father and son, of Roadford. International Genealogical Index. Son born March 30, 1864. Mother: Kate Flanigan.

Mary Boyle of Roadford. Civil birth register, International Genealogical Index. Daughter of Michael Boyle and Mary McDonagh. (See Michael Boyle, Mary McDonagh Boyle)

Michael Boyle of Roadford. Civil birth register, International Genealogical Index. Married to Mary McDonagh, father to Mary Boyle, who was born Oct. 30, 1864. (See Mary McDonagh Boyle, Mary Boyle)

Mary McDonagh Boyle of Roadford. Civil birth register, International Genealogical Index. Married to Michael Boyle, mother to Mary Boyle, who was born Oct. 30, 1864. (See Michael, Mary Boyle)

Pat Boyle and Dennis Molony of Loughe. Tithe Applotment Books. 15-2-0 acreage, 7s11d tithe.

Kilmacrehy Parish:

Edward Boyle of Ballynalackan. Griffith's Valuation. Lessor: Same. House, office.

Kilmihil Parish:

Patrick Boyle of Kilmahil Village of Kilmihil. Griffith's Valuation.

Kilrush Parish:

Cornelius Boyle of Leadmore West. Griffith's Valuation.

Kilmurry-McMahon Parish:

John Boyle of Binvoran. Griffith's Valuation.

Kiltenanlea Parish:

Patrick Boyle of Coollisteige. Griffith's Valuation.